Generic App Container

Looking to create an always-on website, application, or API hosting? Look no further than our small server containers at Pixelnest! Our easy-to-use hosting solutions allow you to deploy generic languages with ease and peace of mind.


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Allows you to host basic web apps performing basic tasks

128 MB RAM

and shared CPU / container

1 GB Storage

All are available to use

1 GB Backup Storage

For making secure backups




Make advanced and powerful web apps without worrying about hitting limits


and shared CPU / container

50 GB Storage

All are available to use

50 GB Backup Storage

For making secure backups




Scale your business much faster with a Premium container


and shared CPU / container

100 GB Storage

All are available to use

200 GB Backup Disk

For making secure backups



Looking for reliable hosting services? Good because you found it!

Support for 8+ code libraries

You can choose from over 8 supported libraries to host your online app with.

Automatic backups

We take backups of every single server hosted on our network every 6 hours to ensure that if there is ever a technical disaster we have got you covered.

72-Hour Moneyback Guarantee

Don't like your service, or made a mistaken purchase? No worries, we will refund you the full amount within 72 hours after your payment was made or a prorated refund within 30 days!

5 Star Support

We support you not just through our amazing communication channels but we can also (at your request) access your server and solve the problem from the inside.

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Launch instant app and game containers using ultra fast dedicated servers on the backend. With variable amounts of RAM, CPU power and storage space you can choose the right plan for you and upgrade at any time.

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Get bulk order discounts on all of our products with enterprise hosting solutions offered by Pixelnest. Enjoy amazing power and performance at a lower price for server containers of all sorts, from mass purchasing Minecraft servers to Discord bots!

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Save on Pixel Containers and Flight Container hosting with education discounts available to teachers and learners of almost every educational institution.

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