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Whether you're just starting out with hobby hosting or need enterprise-grade infrastructure, Pixelnest can provide the right amount of power to meet your needs.

Compute Power

Transform your project hosting experience with our small compute containers that enable lightning-fast web app hosting.


Starting from $0

Launch instant app and game containers using ultra-fast dedicated servers on the backend. With variable amounts of RAM, CPU power, and storage space you can choose the right plan for you and upgrade at any time.

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Cloud Compute

Starting from $5.50

Have full control over your own Virtual Private Server with Pixelnest cloud compute! Host whatever you need and have root level access to a server of your own. With high performance at Pixelnest, we are your best choice!

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Saving Programs

Looking to save some money? Checkout our Less for More programs!


Save on Pixel Containers and Flight Container hosting with education discounts available to teachers and learners of almost every educational institution.

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Get bulk order discounts on all of our products with Enterprise hosting solutions offered by Pixelnest. Enjoy amazing power and performance at a lower price.

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Need something specific?

Dont be afraid to contact our support team for simple questions like this, we love to help out and make your experience tailored to your project.

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