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What is Pixelnest Business?

Pixelnest business offers bulk discount pricing for businesses of any size, helping you save money.

Looking to streamline your development process and reduce costs? Look no further than Pixelnest. Our suite of services, including customized Discord bots and scalable Minecraft networks, can help you achieve your goals while keeping costs under control.


Discover how Pixelnest can help your business with our suite of services

Discord Bot Containers

Host Discord bots in the cloud

Multipurpose Discord Bots

Message Listening Bots

Simple Music Bots

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Minecraft Server Container

Minecraft servers with low latency

SMP Servers

Minigame Servers

Vanilla and Anarchy Servers

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Why choose Pixelnest?

Discover why we are the best fit for your business operations

Perfect for freelancers

If you're a freelancer creating Discord bots and selling them with hosting, Pixelnest Business is the perfect solution. With our affordable bot hosting, you can provide your customers with uninterrupted service and avoid negative reviews. Plus, our hosting allows your customers to easily expand their bot's capabilities without worrying about downtime.

Making monitoring easier

Managing your network through one platform is the key to achieving efficient monitoring and providing a seamless user experience. At Pixelnest Business, we make it easy for your team to diagnose problems quickly and keep everything in one place.

Simplicity is bliss

Simplify your hosting experience with Pixelnest. Our servers are optimized for maximum reliability, so once you're set up, you can forget about bugs and issues and focus on your business.

Downtime Compensation

Rest assured that at Pixelnest, we take service downtime seriously. In the rare event that it occurs, we compensate all of our customers without any questions asked. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Launch instant app and game containers using ultra fast dedicated servers on the backend. With variable amounts of RAM, CPU power and storage space you can choose the right plan for you and upgrade at any time.

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Get bulk order discounts on all of our products with enterprise hosting solutions offered by Pixelnest. Enjoy amazing power and performance at a lower price for server containers of all sorts, from mass purchasing Minecraft servers to Discord bots!

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Save on Pixel Containers and Flight Container hosting with education discounts available to teachers and learners of almost every educational institution.

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